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Curated, intuitive analysis of the major healthcare players and market drivers of the 87 most dynamic metro areas in the U.S.  


Interested in ACOs?

  • Insight by Market:
    • Visit the NEW ACO Spotlights for a market-specific snapshot of ACO prevalence, payers, drivers, dynamics and key takeaways
  • Insight by Healthcare Sector:
    • Browse through the Hospitals, Physicians and Health Plan sections for highlights in each industry sector that is driving ACO initiatives
  • Insight by Organization:
    • Find company-specific descriptions of ACO participation in the Health System, Physician Organization and Health Plan Profile sections of each report    
  • Exceptional insight on the influence, interaction and tensions between key players—Health Plans, Physicians and Health Systems/Hospitals
  • Customizable level of detail, from a big picture overview to granular, in-depth data on a specific sector
    • Especially useful for teams with different levels of experience and responsibility
  • Unique, localized, event-driven thought leadership on the implications of mergers, acquisitions, enrollment shifts, disputes and other “market-movers”
  • NEW ACO Spotlights, featuring a market-specific insight and implication dashboard
Pharmaceutical companies
  • Assess each local market to effectively commit sales teams and resources
  • Ramp up new hires and focus tenured personnel on the right issues
Managed care organizations
  • Identify opportunities for market expansion plans and increase understanding of provider networks
Consultants and financial organizations
  • Gain insight around healthcare market drivers to enhance advisory efforts and identify business opportunities
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